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We are true collectors at heart here at Harlan J. Berk, Ltd., but there are always certain coins we purchase that really stand out. Whether it's color, superior luster, an incredible strike, exceptional rarity or phenomenal eye-appeal (regardless of grade), the HJB Select section is designed to make it easier for you to discover and view these stand out coins. These coins are HJB select - coins we feel are special and deserve to be highlighted.

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U.S. Rare Coins

The Crosstown Collection of Large Cents

The Crosstown Collection of Large Cents is a complete date set with many of the major varieties and was assembled by a collector of modest means over the course of 20 years. While he collected other types of coins (which we also had the privilege of handling), Large Cents were his true passion and he focused on nice circulated examples with pleasing eye appeal. Each piece has resided in his binder since he bought them. A truly neat and affordable collection of some of the most beautiful designs in United States Numismatics and a collection that shows what you can do with time and patience.

View the Crosstown Collection of Large Cents on our site

Remember to explore the latest area of the HJB U. S site, HJB Select. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Mike at MDPrintz@HJBLtd.com or David at David@HJBLtd.com or call 312.609.0016.

A few highlights from our current inventory:

The Personal Catalog

An Innovative Alternative to Traditional Auctions
Past Auctions

After years of patient collecting, you have made the decision to sell. The problem with traditional auctions is the loss of personal touch along with the high risk auction process. We have successfully completed eight personal catalogs, and alternative which has many clients raving. We offer fantastic photography in a high tech environment to showcase private collections. Because these are fixed price lists it offers clients less risk and faster payouts than traditional auctions with far less anxiety. For more information please email info@hjbltd.com or call Mike at 312-609-0016....Read More >>

The Homewood Type Collection of United States Coins

"I first started coin collecting by looking through rolls of pennies in the 80's searching for wheat cents. My mother indulged me by taking me to the local coin store and letting me search through boxes of coins, looking for the oldest coins I could find.

Fast-fowrard a quarter century...

View the Homewood Type Collection of United States Coins on our site

The Need for Auction Representation by Tom Delorey

The other day, I read an interesting thread in the Collectors Universe's U.S. Coins forums which showed a group of U.S. type coins that a collector had recently purchased at a major auction. Each coin was illustrated by three images. Taken as a whole, they prove that the old adage...Read More >>

Bullion Department

We carry an extensive line of gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins, rounds and ingots in a variety of sizes...more


Due to rapidly fluctuating metals markets, all precious metals and premiums as well as prices listed on specific coins are subject to change without notice! Please contact us for up to date pricing.

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